Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dental School HORAHH!

Cree and I are here at dental school! We have started our new adventure here in Louisville, Kentucky! Yes it's beautiful, no I don't live next to a trailer park and yes I am having so much fun because I am a graduate and I can play all day long!
Actually not true! I have had the hardest time trying to find a decent job. Yes I would like to do something in my field of study! I have found a job doing personal training, but I don't get any benefits! :/ bummer! 
But that's ok because I can set my own schedule and once I get my own clients i have them for a year at least! And I get paid $18 an hour if all my clients show up! So If you want to come have me be your personal trainer and I'll kick your butt come to Urban Active located on Shelbeyville Road right next to the St. Matthews mall in Louisville! 

Anyways other than that I have been having so much fun making our apartment look beautiful!!

I just recently put these up in our kitchen and family room! I love it! But I think I could do a little bit more! I am discovering that TJMaxx is amazing! And I love it!! So I will be shopping there from now until the day I die! I know they are usually a hit or miss store, but at the one near me, it has been so great! Even with clothes!! I probably shouldn't know that, but I do! 

Cree and I had his white coat ceremony also and we had so much fun that weekend! My mom and Zachary came to visit and we loved having company! Mainly just me because I was so bored! But here are a few pictures from that weekend!

 All the LDS guys!!
 And all the wives!!

Me and my cute hubby!

 We were playing in his class room that he spends 8 hours in a day!
 The pediatric dental office.
This was so cute! It's the sign for the train that goes around the pediatric dental room. 

We have had so much fun here!
That is not all though! We have been playing with our newest friends!! The Haskells have been amazing to us! Erica, Brayden and Sawyer! Sawyer and I have been cuddle buddies! He makes me want to tell Cree that I'm not gonna work and we're gonna have kids!
 Can you blame me?

I just wanna kiss this dude!! Anyways we are here in KY and loving it! I hope to maybe get a part time job as a Dental assistant, but we will see if that works out! We love it here and can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for us! 
Hugs and kisses!
Cree and Megan Kofford

Monday, May 16, 2011

Europe Adventure!!!!

So our Europe adventure was such an adventure!! We absolutely loved it!! You can't even explain it! We did have some very funny things that happened along the way though!  

All week Mamma Kofford was very paranoid that someone was going to get pick pocketed. None of us were thank goodness, but we were all practicing defending ourselves pick pocketing each other. It was very funny!

So our adventure started at Paris and we visited everywhere it felt like. We were touring everywhere!! The Arc De Triumph, many palaces, and just driving down the streets was amazing!
One thing I am very glad though is that the US streets are not that narrow! OMG I thought we were gonna die driving. It was crazy!

 This is us at Versalles! We were here on our one year anniversary!! This was gorgeous! well all of where we went was gorgeous!! It was just so much fun!!
 This was a pretty fountain when we went to the palace of... I can't remember who! But very cool!!

 The Eiffel Tower!! It was so much bigger than I thought! We went up the tower and we threw some elbows at people so we could keep our spots!! It was pretty funny!!

 We are so in love!! Having our one year anniversary in Europe was amazing!!

We were in Venice with our friends!! This was our lunch! PS we ate A TON!!!

No big deal just walking walking around in Venice!

On our train going back to our hotel at the end of walking all day around Venice

In Bologna at the Gelato university! So much fun!! I think one of the best moments of the trip trying the BEST gelato ever!!!

In Rome!! Behind us was the as our tour guides said "the old Bel-air" 
 And last but not least the coliseum! It was absolutely amazing!!
I would love to have put all my pictures on here but I took a million!! HAHA 

Our whole trip was just amazing!!
We did notice that the streets were super narrow and Cree loved all the people who roller bladed everywhere! The shopping was unbelievable! And of course I did go shopping! When we were at a chapel we did have an incidence the Jordan and her sexy boom boom! We were walking down the stairs of the church and there were some guys selling some kind of wristbands or purses and we came down the steps and a guy stroked Jordan's arm saying "Hey girl I like your sexy boom boom" we were saying that the rest of the trip it was hilarious! And then on top of that... our tour guide commented that they would never do that to her because she doesn't have a sexy boom boom! We were a huge group of tourists walking around and looking at everything! The architecture was amazing and just looking in the streets was so cool! And then to top it off the last night we bunked with Quin and Jaclyn and we woke up to a green toenail... Quin had a diseased toe nail and it was disgusting!! hahahaha! I do have a picture but I think yall would be too grossed out!! hahaha! 

The whole trip was just a once in a life time experience and I was so grateful to have had that experience! Cree and I had a great anniversary and we are still so in love!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pictures of the wonderful weekend

 Og and Cree were dancing the night away in their very comfortable ice skates!

 Our great friends!! Og and Maddie!! We had a blast with them this weekend!! 

 They knew how to do tricks!!

We are such a cute couple!!

Birthday boy was very excited!! and I think he was singing to me here!! Fun weekend!!

Cree's Birthday weekend!

So Cree's birthday weekend was this past weekend and we had such a blast!! We hung out with our great friends Og and Maddie Belnap and we had a sleep over at their house Saturday night to ring in Cree's birthday! We stayed up till midnight and then crashed! It was quiet fun though! We went ice skating and had fun skating! Except Maddie fell on her face! Which apparently it was really funny! I didn't see it but The boys were cracking up about it! That's what happens when you think your Apolo Anton Ono right? lol! We had our laughs about it! 

Also on Saturday I took my personal training certification test and I am now a certified personal trainer!! Ahhh so exciting!! So Saturday was a very eventful day!! 
Sunday was Cree's actual birthday so we had breakfast and then we had a really fun church... we sat for 3 hours getting our stake all changed around it was very entertaining with all the new moves that the church is now doing! It's really cool but there was so much switching going on! I still don't know what new ward I'm in. But whatever! 
So Cree got a ton of presents! I did spoil him! But I got him the very wrong size of shorts from Target! He is a size 32 and I got him a 36 I think it's way too big. But what do I know... I thought he would return them anyways. That's ok! Learning curve to getting married right? 
It was actually kinda funny having him open it! But he also got an off brand of the magic bullet which I'm actually really excited for that! And we got some fun stuff for our computer and TV! And NETFLIX!!! 
We are very excited about that!!
Cree and I had a great birthday weekend!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


So the Kofford Klan is going to Europe in one week!! =) I am so excited except I haven't gotten all the things that I need!! AHH! But I know it will be such a blast to adventure and to look and be a tourist!! Cree and I were talking about how we need to be safe out there and what we should bring as we walk around and I was thinking there might be a tone of people that might want to pick pocket me... I hope not but he was saying since I'm so short I shouldn't have that problem, but I'm still very concerned about getting pick pocketed. Scary if that happened!! I really want to upload the whole experience as soon as it happens because that would help me remember what we experienced in Europe!! We are visiting Paris, Venice, Bologna, and Rome!! What a vacation right?? And to top it off WE WILL BE THERE FOR OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! How romantic right? O I'm super excited!! I can't wait! Except I will have to make up my school work when I get back and I'll have way bad jet lag at the same time! O goody! I can't wait!! No but seriously this will be so much fun!! LOVE LIFE RIGHT?

Monday, April 25, 2011


So Cree and I graduated!!! Finally! I feel like this has been a great ride and now were are so excited to start the new chapter in our life at the University of Louisville!! We are so excited!!

 Me and Courtney!! She actually went through the temple on Saturday and that was such a great experience!! She will be a great missionary!!

All of my family came!! My parents came from Georgia! We had such a great time!! My aunt Becky and Holly and Grandparents from Boulder City Nevada came up and we had such a great time together! I felt like I was being pampered by my family all weekend because we went out to eat a lot but that's ok!

Easter Sunday was also so great!! We were able to hang out with Cree's family and hang out! no pictures there =(

I did get these new shoes this past weekend though on our shopping spree for Courtney's missionary clothes! I absolutely love them!!
I did get them for my friend Haley's wedding in June but I am calling them my Easter shoes right now because they are just so cute!!

I am loving life right now, but I'm getting ready to take my personal training test on Saturday which I am a little nervous about but I am going to be a great trainer!! by the way!! =) 
I will let ya know how it goes! 
And spring term start on Tuesday, which is my internship at the fitness camp in Sandy! I'm really excited to get started and get motivated to be the best trainer there is!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drama in the locker room!!

So drama in the locker room on Tuesday that just happened!!

So I work in the locker room in the Richards building on BYU campus. Since the beginning of time since I have worked here (2 years) we have had many of the same policies. We are not very strict but when your locker is late it costs $5 and it's late after the last day of class at 10pm, you have to turn in your towel that you were given at the beginning of the semester and signed a contract saying when it was due and we give you a paper and tell you when it is due. So thats our policy, easy to do right? well...

There's this girl, we will call her Patty. So Patty comes in and turns in her locker and her towel. It's late. So I was working with my good friend Kelsey and we go on writing her a bill for $5 and say go to the info desk to pay for it and we tell her why it is late, we were very polite. She goes on to say that she thinks its ridiculous that no one notified her to turn in her locker. We do have posters everywhere around the locker room and the paper that we gave her, that was in her hand, said the exact date when it was due on it. So she is going on about how she didn't know, even though it was on the paper she had in her hand. She tells us that she doesn't come in there all the time so she wouldn't see the posters. So while she is complaining to us she goes on to ask if she can suggest us to do something. She asks if it would be a possibility to email all the girls an email at the end of the semester. We cannot do this because there are so many girls that come get a locker and they are all different every semester so for us to do that would not be realistic. So we explain that to her and then she says that when she makes any suggestions to the locker room she feels like she never gets heard and that she feels like we don't respect her.

So she starts waving her hands and getting all mad and saying that we don't like her because we explained to her why we can't email everyone. At this point my assistant manager (a.m.) comes up and notices that there is something going on at the counter and she has had an encounter with us before so my a.m. came up as fast as she could to help us out. Well since Patty had a past experience with my a.m. Patty felt like my a.m. didn't like her. So Patty started arguing at my a.m. and then she started bringing up this past experience, which I will explain later. And it was not even prevalent to the current situation. at this point I noticed my manager came in and she comes up to the window and complains to her and then saying my a.m. doesn't like her so she wouldn't take anything she said to heart or anything. At this point Patty got my a.m. name and information. She also got my managers phone number and the email address to the locker room so that she could complain about how horrible the customer service is so bad. She also said she was going to tell all her friends never to come to the locker room because the service here is so bad. After she said that I told her that all my friends love working out here and love coming to know all the girls here and most girls do like us. the best part was that she kept saying that she is graduating in the MBA program this year and that it wouldn't affect her any more, but she just wanted us to know how horrible we were as people.

This girl has problems but the best part was that after this whole experience happened she looked my a.m. personal email and emailed her saying that she apologized for how she acted and for how we acted. Weird? Yes! And then she goes on saying how she never receives great service at the locker room and how she feels like we treat her. I read this email and if she is graduating from the MBA program first of all she should know how to read a contract and secondly know how to write an email with proper grammar! hahaha!

So the previous experience that my a.m. had was that in the locker room every hour on the half hour we, as workers, have to check the locker room to see if we can help anyone and also check the weight room to see if the people are there that are supposed to be there. We really only look and ask if they have a wristband on, really just checked in with us. So this girl Patty, had a wristband,but it was all krinckled on the treadmill. The policy is that the patrons need to wear the wristband so that we don't assume that they are sharing the wristband, that's why we don't want them to take it off. So Patty obviously took it off. So when my a.m. went to check the weight room for wristbands Patty didn't have it on. My a.m. said she needs to come get a new one. Patty didn't want to get one because she had one already, but it wasn't on her. Patty was arguing and my a.m. said ok if you aren't going to cooperate I'm going to have to kick you out. Patty was surprised that she even said that so she came up to the counter. Patty asked if she could have the managers number so she could complain to her about the a.m. and it was just drama. But from being so defensive about the wristband she goes on the say the we put the wristbands are put on too tight. She was asked if she asked us to put it on looser and then she said that she feels like she cant come up to us because we look so mean. hahahaha I look so mean don't I? She then goes on to say that we as people are so bad and horrible people. And this was all about a wristband.

The scenario before was about the late fee.... and she blew up. And then a wristband... and she blew up. This girl had some kind of problem I don't know what happened but maybe it was a bad grade on her final or something.

But after she sent the personal email to my a.m. she gets her fiance to email our head manager Connie and describing to him the situation. Apparently she cried about it and it was such a horrible experience. Connie, laughed so hard! He actually called my a.m. asking exactly what happened. This was definitely the experience of my week.