Monday, May 2, 2011

Cree's Birthday weekend!

So Cree's birthday weekend was this past weekend and we had such a blast!! We hung out with our great friends Og and Maddie Belnap and we had a sleep over at their house Saturday night to ring in Cree's birthday! We stayed up till midnight and then crashed! It was quiet fun though! We went ice skating and had fun skating! Except Maddie fell on her face! Which apparently it was really funny! I didn't see it but The boys were cracking up about it! That's what happens when you think your Apolo Anton Ono right? lol! We had our laughs about it! 

Also on Saturday I took my personal training certification test and I am now a certified personal trainer!! Ahhh so exciting!! So Saturday was a very eventful day!! 
Sunday was Cree's actual birthday so we had breakfast and then we had a really fun church... we sat for 3 hours getting our stake all changed around it was very entertaining with all the new moves that the church is now doing! It's really cool but there was so much switching going on! I still don't know what new ward I'm in. But whatever! 
So Cree got a ton of presents! I did spoil him! But I got him the very wrong size of shorts from Target! He is a size 32 and I got him a 36 I think it's way too big. But what do I know... I thought he would return them anyways. That's ok! Learning curve to getting married right? 
It was actually kinda funny having him open it! But he also got an off brand of the magic bullet which I'm actually really excited for that! And we got some fun stuff for our computer and TV! And NETFLIX!!! 
We are very excited about that!!
Cree and I had a great birthday weekend!!

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