Monday, May 16, 2011

Europe Adventure!!!!

So our Europe adventure was such an adventure!! We absolutely loved it!! You can't even explain it! We did have some very funny things that happened along the way though!  

All week Mamma Kofford was very paranoid that someone was going to get pick pocketed. None of us were thank goodness, but we were all practicing defending ourselves pick pocketing each other. It was very funny!

So our adventure started at Paris and we visited everywhere it felt like. We were touring everywhere!! The Arc De Triumph, many palaces, and just driving down the streets was amazing!
One thing I am very glad though is that the US streets are not that narrow! OMG I thought we were gonna die driving. It was crazy!

 This is us at Versalles! We were here on our one year anniversary!! This was gorgeous! well all of where we went was gorgeous!! It was just so much fun!!
 This was a pretty fountain when we went to the palace of... I can't remember who! But very cool!!

 The Eiffel Tower!! It was so much bigger than I thought! We went up the tower and we threw some elbows at people so we could keep our spots!! It was pretty funny!!

 We are so in love!! Having our one year anniversary in Europe was amazing!!

We were in Venice with our friends!! This was our lunch! PS we ate A TON!!!

No big deal just walking walking around in Venice!

On our train going back to our hotel at the end of walking all day around Venice

In Bologna at the Gelato university! So much fun!! I think one of the best moments of the trip trying the BEST gelato ever!!!

In Rome!! Behind us was the as our tour guides said "the old Bel-air" 
 And last but not least the coliseum! It was absolutely amazing!!
I would love to have put all my pictures on here but I took a million!! HAHA 

Our whole trip was just amazing!!
We did notice that the streets were super narrow and Cree loved all the people who roller bladed everywhere! The shopping was unbelievable! And of course I did go shopping! When we were at a chapel we did have an incidence the Jordan and her sexy boom boom! We were walking down the stairs of the church and there were some guys selling some kind of wristbands or purses and we came down the steps and a guy stroked Jordan's arm saying "Hey girl I like your sexy boom boom" we were saying that the rest of the trip it was hilarious! And then on top of that... our tour guide commented that they would never do that to her because she doesn't have a sexy boom boom! We were a huge group of tourists walking around and looking at everything! The architecture was amazing and just looking in the streets was so cool! And then to top it off the last night we bunked with Quin and Jaclyn and we woke up to a green toenail... Quin had a diseased toe nail and it was disgusting!! hahahaha! I do have a picture but I think yall would be too grossed out!! hahaha! 

The whole trip was just a once in a life time experience and I was so grateful to have had that experience! Cree and I had a great anniversary and we are still so in love!!

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