Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dental School HORAHH!

Cree and I are here at dental school! We have started our new adventure here in Louisville, Kentucky! Yes it's beautiful, no I don't live next to a trailer park and yes I am having so much fun because I am a graduate and I can play all day long!
Actually not true! I have had the hardest time trying to find a decent job. Yes I would like to do something in my field of study! I have found a job doing personal training, but I don't get any benefits! :/ bummer! 
But that's ok because I can set my own schedule and once I get my own clients i have them for a year at least! And I get paid $18 an hour if all my clients show up! So If you want to come have me be your personal trainer and I'll kick your butt come to Urban Active located on Shelbeyville Road right next to the St. Matthews mall in Louisville! 

Anyways other than that I have been having so much fun making our apartment look beautiful!!

I just recently put these up in our kitchen and family room! I love it! But I think I could do a little bit more! I am discovering that TJMaxx is amazing! And I love it!! So I will be shopping there from now until the day I die! I know they are usually a hit or miss store, but at the one near me, it has been so great! Even with clothes!! I probably shouldn't know that, but I do! 

Cree and I had his white coat ceremony also and we had so much fun that weekend! My mom and Zachary came to visit and we loved having company! Mainly just me because I was so bored! But here are a few pictures from that weekend!

 All the LDS guys!!
 And all the wives!!

Me and my cute hubby!

 We were playing in his class room that he spends 8 hours in a day!
 The pediatric dental office.
This was so cute! It's the sign for the train that goes around the pediatric dental room. 

We have had so much fun here!
That is not all though! We have been playing with our newest friends!! The Haskells have been amazing to us! Erica, Brayden and Sawyer! Sawyer and I have been cuddle buddies! He makes me want to tell Cree that I'm not gonna work and we're gonna have kids!
 Can you blame me?

I just wanna kiss this dude!! Anyways we are here in KY and loving it! I hope to maybe get a part time job as a Dental assistant, but we will see if that works out! We love it here and can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for us! 
Hugs and kisses!
Cree and Megan Kofford