Friday, April 29, 2011


So the Kofford Klan is going to Europe in one week!! =) I am so excited except I haven't gotten all the things that I need!! AHH! But I know it will be such a blast to adventure and to look and be a tourist!! Cree and I were talking about how we need to be safe out there and what we should bring as we walk around and I was thinking there might be a tone of people that might want to pick pocket me... I hope not but he was saying since I'm so short I shouldn't have that problem, but I'm still very concerned about getting pick pocketed. Scary if that happened!! I really want to upload the whole experience as soon as it happens because that would help me remember what we experienced in Europe!! We are visiting Paris, Venice, Bologna, and Rome!! What a vacation right?? And to top it off WE WILL BE THERE FOR OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! How romantic right? O I'm super excited!! I can't wait! Except I will have to make up my school work when I get back and I'll have way bad jet lag at the same time! O goody! I can't wait!! No but seriously this will be so much fun!! LOVE LIFE RIGHT?


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  2. Yay! Have a blast! If you read over the US travel advisories it tells you all about pick pockets and where those crimes mostly occur. I carried an around the shoulder purse (fairly small) and Preston made sure to carry his wallet in his jacket breast pocket. We were fine and didn't face any sketchiness but I did have a friend who was pick pocketed on the Paris metro, so just be aware and you'll be fine. -katy