Monday, April 25, 2011


So Cree and I graduated!!! Finally! I feel like this has been a great ride and now were are so excited to start the new chapter in our life at the University of Louisville!! We are so excited!!

 Me and Courtney!! She actually went through the temple on Saturday and that was such a great experience!! She will be a great missionary!!

All of my family came!! My parents came from Georgia! We had such a great time!! My aunt Becky and Holly and Grandparents from Boulder City Nevada came up and we had such a great time together! I felt like I was being pampered by my family all weekend because we went out to eat a lot but that's ok!

Easter Sunday was also so great!! We were able to hang out with Cree's family and hang out! no pictures there =(

I did get these new shoes this past weekend though on our shopping spree for Courtney's missionary clothes! I absolutely love them!!
I did get them for my friend Haley's wedding in June but I am calling them my Easter shoes right now because they are just so cute!!

I am loving life right now, but I'm getting ready to take my personal training test on Saturday which I am a little nervous about but I am going to be a great trainer!! by the way!! =) 
I will let ya know how it goes! 
And spring term start on Tuesday, which is my internship at the fitness camp in Sandy! I'm really excited to get started and get motivated to be the best trainer there is!!

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  1. Hey, looks like you'll only be 3 hours away from us! If you ever need a place to crash for the night on your way to Kirtland, Palmyra, Niagra, or any other fun sites up north, call us up!